Celtics roster now full with signing of three training camp prospects

With the signing of Justin Bibbs, Nick King and Jeff Roberson, the Boston Celtics roster is now full. They have 15 players on standard contracts, two on 2-way deals and the three new additions as training camp invitees. The 20 players constitute the compete Celtics roster.

Jeff Roberson

All three of the training camp crew are potential wings. Bibbs is 6'6" and 211 pounds. King is 6'7" and 225 pounds, while Roberson is 6'6" and 220 pounds. Roberson is 22 years old and Bibbs and King are 23 years of age.

Training camp signees can always surprise, but it seems doubtful that this trio will be much more than practice opponents for the normal-rotation guys. We will know in a few weeks.

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Photo via Christain Petersen/Getty Images