Watch: Red on Roundball Redux #4 - coaching strategy

I think it's pretty safe to say Red Auerbach knew a thing or two about coaching.

Trading, drafting, and development were no rough areas for the man, either, which is why he's a legend with not just the Boston Celtics, but in NBA lore as well. Since we're all going a little mad without live NBA basketball to watch until September, we've unearthed the man's classic video series, Red on Roundball, to help us make it to October mostly intact.

This episode builds upon yesterday's, "Coaching", with the Golden State Warriors Al Attles, moving from player management and motivation into the dark arts of strategy. While the league has grown so much in that regard since even just five years ago, there's a lot of good stuff here too.

Watch the video above for a glimpse into one of the greatest basketball minds of the twentieth century, including a first-person account of how his cigar-smoking celebration began. And if you need something else to keep you busy, catch the other videos in the series here.

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Video, image: Boston Celtics/crudalex/YouTube 
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