Working with Tatum, Kobe wonder why the Lakers didn't draft him

It's a legitimate question, and one I'm thankful the Boston Celtics are in a position to ask.

The question I'm referring to was reportedly posed by Kobe Bryant after working with Jayson Tatum this summer, who is widely known for idolizing the former Los Angeles Laker despite being a budding star himself for the Celtics, one Boston had to be on the right side of a crazy amount of luck to ask:

"Why didn't the Lakers draft [Jayson Tatum]?"

This comes to us from the mouth of renowned trainer Drew Hanlen, who has also been putting in a lot of work with Tatum this summer, along with Jaylen Brown, Semi Ojeleye, and others, as he was being interviewed by Evan Daniels on his popular podcast, The Sidelines.

Think about it. The Cs had to land the first pick. They had to hope Danny Ainge's gambit to move backwards and still get their guy would pay off, and not just with the Lakers, but the Philadelphia 76ers, too. And, of course, they gambled he'd be as good as he turned out to be, literally dunking on the greatest player in the NBA in the Eastern Conference Finals.

For the fans of the Lakers, and maybe even the 76ers, that may be a question asked over and over again in future seasons. For Boston fans, however, it's a point of celebration. Listen to the podcast below for all of Hanlen's words on the younger half of the Jay Team.

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