Watch: Kyrie's full speech from Standing Rock Sioux naming ceremony

Kyrie Irving never got to meet his mother's side of the family.

She passed away when he was still very young, and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe from which she descended was as much a mystery for her as she was for him.

Irving's mother was adopted out of the tribe at an equally young age, severing the tie to Kyrie's native heritage...until recently.

After his support of the tribe's fight for clean water in the Dakotas against the Keystone XL pipeline, the tribe and their not-so-prodigal son reunited, with Irving being invited to participate in a traditional Sioux naming ceremony along with his sister Asia this last week.

Watch the video above to see Kyrie's full speech given at the event; even if you think the world is flat, I think we can all agree we want the water on it clean, and our families as close as is healthy.

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Video: ESPN
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