The other side of Marcus Smart - another reason why we love him

We know the on-court Marcus Smart very well. Taking on the opposing team's best player - dogging him at every move - never giving in to fatigue - switching, blocking, intimidating and generally disrupting whatever the opposition is trying to accomplish. But he does some things away from NBA competition that are equally admirable.

Take a look at what DraftExpress had to say about Marcus prior to the 2014 NBA draft. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

Another area (Marcus) Smart is likely to excel in very early in the NBA is on the defensive end. With his size, strength and length, Smart is capable of guarding multiple positions, which gives his coach nice versatility to take advantage of in different schemes. He even proved strong enough to put a body on big men in certain stretches, showing the type of toughness and competitiveness NBA executives love. On top of that, he brings terrific anticipation skills for blocks, steals and rebounds, hauling in seven boards per-40 minutes and over three steals thanks to the intensity level and timing he displays. - Source: ©DraftExpress

In the off-season, Smart runs instructional camps for young aspiring hoop legends, and the image below shows what he looks for in his award-winning kids:

Kind of sounds like Marcus himself. I started a Biddy Basketball League years ago for kids in grades 5-through-8, and it was a blast. It is obvious Marcus enjoys his camps as well:

Someone also had a little more fun with the above tweet by introducing The Beard into it. How can we forget the two quick offensive fouls that Smart goaded James Harden into?

So Tyler Bussey got the YGC MVP Award from Smart for being a tough, disciplined, selfless, competitive teammate. Who knows, the redheaded youngster may become the next Brian Scalabrine - or even Dave Cowens. Nice job, Marcus. Working with these kids has great value - both for them and for you.

I have loathing for individuals who preach one thing and practice something entirely different. Marcus teaches selflessness, competitiveness, toughness, discipline and team play - and guess what - that is how he plays for the Boston Celtics. Gotta love the guy - and I'm sure his kids do also.

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Photo via Matt Stone/Boston Herald