Philadelphia fans still trying to win Markelle Fultz vs. Jayson Tatum debate

Things could always change, but right now there is no question who gets the nod on the Markelle Fultz-Jayson Tatum debate. Jayson and the Celtics win hands-down.

Even though they don't believe it, Philadelphia fans still loudly promote Markelle as the winner of any argument, as evidenced by the tweet below.

Dan Greenberg had a good answer for the Philly fans via his own tweet:

So I welcome any thoughts from my fellow gym rats out there on both tweet photos. First of all, how can you determine physique in a guy (Tatum) wearing a bulky T-shirt? And in the bottom photo, I see great delts/shoulders (front, middle and rear) on Jayson, but the upper arms (biceps and triceps) might need more work to keep pace with the delts. What do you think?

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Photo via Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
still trying to win