Jaylen Brown - Free The Bamboo: Episode 1 - a cause & a workout

Kyrie Irving wants to preserve clean water for the Sioux Nation, and Jaylen Brown wants to save the bamboo trees - and possibly the giant pandas, mountain gorillas and lemurs that feed off them. I can't see sound arguments against either cause.

Jaylen is using a series of videos, and his advancing celebrity status, to support a cause that I would be glad to argue for. Looking at both Kyrie and Jaylen's causes, I live in very-northern New England, with clean air and water. I get all of my perfect drinking water from a hard-to-find outlet of a spring at the now-idle Balsams resort at Dixville Notch, NH, and I cool off daily in the aptly-named Clear Stream of Errol, NH. My grand-daughter, Courtney, afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis, says she breathes easier here. Logging goes on constantly in my area, but there is no raping the land. I live here, in part, for those reasons.

But beyond the causes, Brown is working hard on his off-season conditioning. If you watch the video below, you will see his very-varied workout routine. A weigh-in (227.8 pounds) - battle ropes - weighted burpees - cardio - handles routines on the court - free throw work - boxing - shooting from distance - and alternate push-ups/one-armed rows with dumbbells.

So if Jaylen Brown's FCHWPO truly stands for Faith - Consistency - Hard Work - Pay Off, then it seems he may be practicing what he preaches. I love that because I have seen many successful people owe their success to preaching what they hardly ever practice. How can you believe in something that you tell people to do - that you never do yourself? Training camp starts in four weeks. Get ready. For my gym rats looking to increase arm size and definition using negatives, read my latest at NNELTFC.blogspot.com.

Androscoggin River - Errol, New Hampshire

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Photo via Seth Menig/AP
Video via FCHWPO