Kyrie Irving's new shoes - are those Little Mountains or Lucky Charms

Sneakers have come a long way - I think. And no, that shoe in the photo below is not Kyrie's Irving's new line from Nike. Irving's new shoes are out, and they bear no resemblance to the Converse All-Stars of old. Thank Heaven!

Do I detect an odor in here???
One question. Are those Lucky Charms on the side of the shoes, and are those Little Mountains projecting up the side of the shoe? Let us not forget that Kyrie was given the name "Little Mountain" by the Sioux Nation. The damn things are colorful, I must admit.

Like many at the time, I bought my canvas Converse All-Stars at the outlet store in Malden, Massachusetts. Prices were really good and you got to view Bob Lanier's size-22 Converse sneakers on display. They looked unwearable by any human walking the planet - flat or otherwise. And later, we also found out that Bob Lanier's feet were much larger than Dave Cowen's feats on the court:

Trust me, the ad doesn't do justice to the size of Bob's "feats". This season is historic in that the NBA now allows players to wear sneakers of any color they choose, so Irving has decided on a color choice of - all of the above. The only color missing may be the black of the ancient Converse footwear. But to me, those still look like Little Mountains on the sides. Quite symbolic.

I am liking this color trend. Basketball shoes are a serious business among NBA players and fans. Lanier's enormous footwear display in Malden would have looked much better in orange.

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Top photo via David N. Berkwitz/SI
Bottom photo via Andrew N. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images
Video via OltTimeSportsFan