Watch: The Celtics best defense from 2017-18

If last season's Boston Celtics were to be known for anything (besides overcoming two massive injuries, anyway), it is defense.

The team led the league with its number one defense for much of the season, and at any given moment, had multiple individual defenders leading the league in defensive rating, including Aron Baynes, who held the top overall spot in that category during the regular season.

Young wings Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum defied the notion that new arrivals to the NBA need a few seasons to adjust to the rigors of NBA-level defense, Al Horford, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier all had uniquely excellent seasons on the defensive end of the court, and even Kyrie Irving made strides towards becoming a solid plus defender.

So, if you want to see what the league thought Boston's defensive highlights were from last season, watch the video above. It's got that extra visual punch thanks to the folks at Shotmechanics, and is a good way to fill that NBA void in our lives right now.

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Video: NBA
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