Kyrie, Cs reportedly have "mutual understanding" on free agency

If ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz is right, the Boston Celtics have little to worry about concerning Kyrie Irving's free agency.

On a recent episode of ESPN's "The Jump", the topic of Boston's future and specifically Irving's impending free agency came up, to which Arnovitz said,

"My best intel is that the Celtics and Kyrie have a pretty good mutual understanding that he wasn’t going to get traded in the offseason, and that there are long-term aspirations for both parties, ... anything can happen over the course of an eight-month season, but I kind of like him staying."

Of course, this is anything but written in stone, and even well-connected and generally sharp analysts like Kevin can get things wrong, but it lines up well with everything we've seen and heard to date.

Best of luck to guys trying to use Kyrie's situation for leverage in contract negotiations (cough cough Jimmy Butler cough), but I'm pretty sure there's little to worry about.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE 
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