Watch: Looking back at drafting Terry Rozier

It's hard to believe it's been just three years since the Boston Celtics drafted Terry Rozier.

Back when it happened in the 2015 NBA Draft, a lot of people were surprised when Danny Ainge took him 16th overall, with many fans entirely ignorant of who the former Louisville point guard was.
Not anymore.

Danny pulled off one of his better deep drafts by selecting Scary Terry, helping the world to know the importance of his length, speed, and perhaps most important of all, spaghetti-ranch-sugar sandwiches.

Watch the videos below for a look back at his draft night, and wax nostalgic at (nearly) all of our error in wondering why Ainge would take Rozier before the likes of sure-fire prospects like R.J. Hunter (Sorry, R.J.).

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Video: Boston Celtics
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