Celtics open Auerbach Center, their new, state-of-the-art practice facility

The Boston Celtics just made a power move, literally.

The team has moved to the new, state-of-the-art practice facility, located at Boston Landing near the Boston Turnpike.

It's absolutely massive - 70,000 square feet - with more amenities than pretty much anything I've ever seen before.

The facility, called "Auerbach Center" after the team's legendary General Manager and coach Red Auerbach, has not one but two regulation-size basketball courts for the team to practice on, completely modern recovery, strength and conditioning facilities, a "nap" room - even a pool table!

There's a barbershop, kitchen, dedicated film room, a hospitality area, multiple pools, and a 40-foot glass window that lets passers-by on the pike see the facility as they travel through the area.
Take a look at the tweets below for even more detail on this monumental move, which looks to pay dividends just as the team is poised for contention.

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Image: Joe Giza - WBZ-TV
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