Celtics to open new training facility on June 19 - "We talkin' about practice!" - and more

The timing is perfect. The Boston Celtics are scheduled to open their new training facility on June 19th, just in time for it to serve as another incentive for potential free agents and draftees.

In the well-remembered rant from Allen Iverson trivializing the questions about him missing practice. "Not a game! We talkin' about practice!" was The Answer's response to those questions.

Celtics president Rich Gotham looks at the importance of practice somewhat differently (per NESN's Darren Hartwell): “Players spend more time in the practice facility than they do in the arena they play in, and maybe more than they do at home,” Gotham said.

The new facility will be called the Red Auerbach Center at New Balance World Headquarters, and it will be complete, combining strength, conditioning, nutrition and sports science. Beyond that, Gotham added (per NESN's Darren Hartwell): “So, having a place where they feel comfortable, a place where they want to spend time, a place where they’re able to improve themselves across the board ..."

So this new, advanced facility is not just "about practice". It will certainly help make Boston a desired destination for draftees and free agents potentially heading to Bean Town.

The Auerbach Center, aligned with TD Garden, the City of Boston, and the Celtics front office, coaching and team members should certainly make our city the landing spot for talented players. And frankly, the present team members deserve this great facility. They worked hard all season and produced well beyond what was expected.

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Photo courtesy of Celtics