This Day in Celtics History: Boston destroys the Lakers en route to Banner 17

Some call it superstition, others (including yours truly) call it an omen: the Boston Celtics were destined to win the 2008 NBA Championship.

The stage was set. The Garden. Game 6. At home, against the hated rival Los Angeles Lakers.

It was Paul Pierce (2008 Finals MVP) vs. Kobe Bryant.

Kevin Garnett vs. Pau Gasol.

Ray Allen vs. Sasha Vujacic and Vladimir Radmanovic.

Rajon Rondo vs. Derek Fisher.

But the two players (or former players, I should say) who, unbeknownst to them, were responsible for a portion of the omen weren't even donning their Celtics jerseys that day. Instead, they sat, side by side, near court-side.

Those two were none other than 11-time NBA Champ/Celtics legend Bill Russell and 8-time banner-raiser John Havlicek.

So, what's this omen I speak of.

Well, check this out:

Russell (#6) and Havlicek (#17) were seen sitting next to eachother; facing the camera Russell sat on the left and Havlicek on the right. (617)

This was Game 6, in a series where the Celtics were looking for Banner 17. (617)

Boston's area code is 617.

Oh, and it just happened to all happen on June 17th. (6/17).

Sounds pretty omen-ish to me.

OK, on to the game. What happened when the ball was tipped? Kobe started off hot, but we took over, absolutely annihilating the Lakers back to Hollywood with a trouncing 131-92 defeat.

Check out these glorious moments from the game.

What do you think? Was it an omen? Just a whole lot of coincidence? The spirit of Red Auerbach working from above? Or are you in the "who cares - we obliterated the Lakers and that's all I care about" camp? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Photo Credit: Boston Globe; NY Times