Celtics 8/1 odds to win 2019 Finals - the Lebron James factor skews the numbers

Lebron James is still influencing the future of the Celtics, and the Celtics are no longer playing the Cavaliers. The Las Vegas odds predicting the chances of NBA teams to take the 2019 Title are out, and Boston comes in behind Golden State, Houston and even Philadelphia.

I have not seen the odds of Lebron leaving Cleveland this summer, but I believe he will be going elsewhere. We still don't know where he will be going, but we do know that his decision will be the major media event of the off-season.

We see in the tweet above that Boston lags Philly in the odds, but only because The King going to the 76'ers has already been factored in. Same with Houston. They are given a great shot at the Title due to the Lebron-Factor. Ditto for the Lakers. They are not given a great chance at the Title with him (20/1), but they plummet to horrible odds (60/1 to 80/1) without him.

So apparently the odds makers will make corrections to the starting numbers once Lebron makes his final decision. We are still only two games into the NBA Finals, and the drama over the next Lebron Decision is already underway. Stay tuned for the major media event.

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Photo via Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE Getty Images