Watch: Analyst thinks Cs are doomed, but Brad Stevens has a plan

The one thing everyone agrees on is that getting past the Cleveland Cavaliers won't be easy.

But the Boston Celtics will have to do exactly that to get to the NBA Finals, and ESPN's Stephen A. Smith doesn't think the Celts can win a team with LeBron James playing so well.

He might be right - if only because his co-conspirators are finally starting to play with some purpose.

Kevin Love has been looking dynamic after months of playing hurt and looking lost.

JR Smith and Kyle Korver are having solid nights. Even long-hibernating Tristan Thompson has been playing well, meaning Boston likely has its work cut out for them.

Of course, coach Brad Stevens has a plan. Or maybe he's working on it right now. All we know so far is...well, watch the videos below, and decide for yourself whether Brad has some truly simple, zen-like advice for his players, or if the real plan is under wraps until tip-off. And, of course, you can roll your eyes at Smith, though for once he's being comparatively reasonable.


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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: ESPN/USA Today
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