Only Lebron James could get the Coach of the Year fired

That is what Taylor Snow had to say via Twitter. "Only Lebron (James) could get the Coach of the Year (Dwane Casey) fired."

Most of us know the statement is at least partially true. The Toronto Raptors coach took his team to the best regular-season record in the Eastern Conference and was voted Coach of the Year by the National Basketball Coaches Association. But his team was swept 4-0 by LeBron's Cavaliers in the playoffs for the second season in a row. Overall it was the third year in a row that the Cavaliers have defeated the Raptors in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The King is on a super-human playoff run, averaging over 34 points, nine rebounds and nine assists per game. For his 4th-seeded Cavs team to sweep the top-seeded team in the East was the death knell for Casey, and frankly it was not deserved.

Dwane is one of the best coaches in the NBA and much-respected. Finding an answer for Lebron is one of the toughest tasks an NBA coach can face, and the Celtics' Brad Stevens is now looking at that same dilemma as Boston takes on the Cavs in the Eastern Finals.

What is ironic is that the unofficial COY (Casey) gets fired as his team gets swept from the playoffs, and another terrific coach whose team is still in the playoff picture (Stevens) never received a single vote from the NBCA.

Dwane Casey will have no problem finding another head-coaching position. Had he not faced Lebron James and the Cavaliers and lost each time in the previous three post-seasons, he would still be with the Raptors. Such is the athletic prowess and power of The King.

Now comes Brad Stevens, he-of-no-COY-votes, and his injury-ravaged troops. Casey may have had an answer for Lebron, but his crew may not have carried it out. We should see a different story unfolding with the Cavaliers facing Boston.

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