Celtics shirt game is strong as they head to Philadelphia

If basketball games were won by shirt design, the Boston Celtics would have the cornerstones of a dynasty already in place.

As might be expected for a team with so many young, impactful players, the Cs are building a reputation for having a keen fashion sense.

They also have their finger on the cultural pulse of the burgeoning, weird NBA meme culture as well, an NBA fandom subset perhaps no better represented by Weird Celtics Twitter ®.

Those two threads come together in the team's tee-shirt and hoodie choices of late, as could be seen as the team's plane landed in Philadelphia for the 76ers' first home stretch of the Eastern Conference Finals as the players descended to the tarmac.
Both Terry Rozier and teammate Marcus Morris could be seen descending from the chartered flight sporting the increasingly popular "Scary Terry" tee-shirt and hoodie, respectively (shout out to Mark Allison for being the first of the CelticsLife crew to cop one of his own).

As per usual, Rozier has been taking things to another level, putting a Drew Bledsoe jersey on the Scary Terry figure gracing his shirt.

For those of you who have been in a nuclear fallout shelter since the regular season, that is a reference to the verbal - and at times, almost physical - dust-up Rozier had with Milwaukee guard Eric Bledsoe in their first-round victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

It remains to be seen whether we're going to get any more "meta" with that meme-ified fight given the animus behind it is in the past, but it's certainly a schnazzy idea for a shirt, if nothing else.

The Jay-Team's tee-shirt game was strong as well, with young Jaythoven rocking a "Juice" shirt - a reference to his most recent nickname (and as a University of Connecticut fan, I approve so long as said Juice is Real Tough) - while Jayson Tatum sported a tee-shirt of...himself.

If you're rolling like this guy has been since the playoffs began and you aren't even old enough to buy a celebratory beer, I guess you get to rock self-congratulatory gear in the beer's stead - just keep it up past your 21st birthday, alright, buddy?

What kind of shirts would YOU like to see these guys rock on the way to the parquet? Are there things that ought to be on a shirt that you aren't seeing elsewhere? Throw your best ideas our way, and you never know what could happen - it might just find its way to these guys' next trip back to Boston.

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Image: Boston Celtics/Twitter
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