Ben Simmons' showtime failed, premature confetti & 76'ers fell - Celtics 3-and-0

Ben Simmons uncontested showtime dunk didn't go down, but the premature, celebratory confetti did. And the 76'ers went down with the confetti last night in a 101-98 overtime loss to the Boston Celtics.

After taking a lot of not-a-real-rookie flak from the Boston faithful at TD Garden, Ben wanted that flying dunk to raise the roof with the noise of his home crowd. It failed miserably as he missed the jam.

It was not a good omen for Philadelphia. A second error occurred as the 76'ers Marco Belinelli launched what some, including the official confetti-releaser, thought was a successful 3-point shot to win the game. Well, the shot was successful, but it was only a 2-pointer to tie the game.

Nonetheless, the confetti shooter released the colorful paper shreds into the air, but there was nothing to celebrate - not yet, anyway. It was on to overtime, and the Celtics came away with the win and 3-and-0 lead in the series.

Three lessons here. If attempting a showtime dunk to excite the crowd, be sure to make it. When releasing confetti to celebrate a win, make sure there is something to celebrate. And don't get overly excited or confident when taking on an injury-depletes team - it could backfire.

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Photo via Matt West/Boston Herald