Terry Rozier, Kyrie Irving nominated for Clutch Shot, Handle of the Year

Kyrie Irving may have to watch "Scary" Terry Rozier rack up the accolades while nursing a sore knee, but the two have both been nominated among the new fan-voted NBA superlative award categories for the 2017-18 NBA Regular Season.

The awards will be voted on by fans on social media, using the tags for the award plus the name of the player (so, if you want to vote for either - preferably both - you'd post "#ClutchShotOfTheYear Terry Rozier" and/or "#HandleOfTheYear Kyrie Irving").

You may also vote directly on the NBA's website (http://www.nba.com/nbaawards#/), and the hashtag voting counts on Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter.

The winners for Dunk of the Year, Block of the Year, Clutch Shot of the Year, Assist of the Year and Handle of the Year will be revealed during the NBA Western Conference Finals on TNT.

Each of the five victors will then be in the running for the NBA's "Play of the Year" category, which will be revealed June 25, at the NBA Awards Presented by Kia (also on TNT), with the winner for Best Style being revealed as well.

Irving has been nominated for "Best Handles of the Year" for a nifty spin move he unleashed against the Milwaukee Bucks in October, and shares the nomination for that category with James Harden, Kemba Walker, Chris Paul, and - surprisingly - Josh Jackson.

Rozier, nominated for "Clutch Shot of the Year" for his buzzer-beater against the Indiana Pacers in December, shares the nomination with Devin Booker, Andrew Wiggins, Damian Lillard and some guy named LeBron James - never heard of him.

Jokes aside, Terry and Kyrie are in some rarified company, the former to an extent that it's causing some real consternation in the fan base when thinking about how the Boston Celtics will be looking at their guard rotation's future.

With Rozier, Marcus Smart, and Irving all approaching free agency over the next several seasons, some hard decisions may have to be made sooner than later.

Enjoy them while they are here - the past few seasons have taught us expected plans can change on a dime, and with all this surprisingly good guard play in Boston, something will have to give eventually. 

Watch the videos linked below to see the plays in question that got these guys on these award lists. Do you think either has a shot at winning? Who should Boston prioritize in terms of resigning in the future? Let us know in the comments below, and most importantly, don't forget to vote!

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Images: Jessica Rinadli/Globe, NBA
Video: MLG/NBA
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