Poll results for Celtics draft at #27 - Part 1 - fans want a big man

The poll results from my CelticsLife article are in, and the numbers show very strong support for the Celtics taking a big man in the upcoming draft. A total of 72% of respondents voted for size over ball-handler or wing.

Realizing all the while that Danny Ainge will most likely go for talent over need towards the end of the first round, size does seem to be a significant need for Boston. Although with Aron Baynes stellar performance last night and the continued production of Greg Monroe, that need may not be as important as it seemed early in the season.

Part 2 of my series will deal with the type of player needed, as opposed to position. The four categories will most likely be a choice of shooter, defender, distributor or rebounder/rim protector. Be on the lookout on CelticsLife and Twitter for Part 2.

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Photo via Charles Krupa/Associated Press