Green Envy: What Nets fans said - 4/11/18

It couldn't be more fitting for the final Green Envy of 2017-18 to be against our old pals the Brooklyn Nets, seeing as this is the final year we had one of their picks from the infamous Billy King trade heist. Of course the Celtics no longer control that pick, as they turned it into Kyrie Irving last offseason. The funny thing about us not having Irving in the lineup tonight (or Marcus Smart, or Terry Rozier), was that former Net Shane Larkin got the start, and nearly dropped a triple-double on his old squad. I think the fans in Brooklyn really appreciated it.

Top Three:

Celtics just can’t let us win this one... they ain’t got nothing to lose

How Nets is it that the season we finally get our draft pick back is when lottery reform kicks in and also the corresponding draft class is horrendous.

Come on Nuggets. I’m spiteful and want to see Timberwolves fans in pain.

Shane Larkin Love:

If we lose to a Shane Larkin run team I'll spit chips

Smh...Larkin was horrible with us..he out there looking like an allstar

Shane Larkin is on his way to getting a triple double on us. I hate being a Nets fan

Shane Larkin was effectively what a bag full of garbage would look like if it was asked to run point while he was in Brooklyn

Shane Larkin looks like a HOF

D’Angelo is now just Angelo he dont play no D
To be fair...Not many NBA players are able to keep "Little Hands" Larkin in front of them.

Shane Larkin has a double double, with 10 freakin rebounds he’s 5’9.

Full Slate:

This. Is. It.

If we lose this lol

Let's get win #29!

Nets are looking decent. I’m not falling for that trick again though
Winter is coming.

Baynes gonna take 25 shots today

We're seriously going to lose to the Maine Red Claws

Ending the season the worst way possible I see

Don't go out like this fellas

Seems like we always play scared in boston

Pathetic first half performance. They look like they don't give a shit.

Honestly guys whatever happens happens. Everyone will be irrate but its the last game of the year.
We are also playing against a d league roster

C's hobbling into the playoffs. Hopefully a first round EXIT
He's auditioning
He won me over. Sign him.

Baynes is AUTOMATIC...sign him up MARKS
If he continues..they going to erect a

What a shitshow. Blowout incoming.

This is a joke though, honestly. Letting Aron Baynes, an actual lump, look like Orlando Magic era Dwight out there

How is Brad Stevens coaching a bunch of d leaguers to look like legit NBA players? I wish he was our coach. The things he would have done with this roster

Come on. These guys don’t wanna play. What a way to cap it off.

Meanwhile the Knicks are blowing out the Cavs. This team can never have nice things. Ever.

Guys even though we lost we do screw the Knicks though

Yeah it's time to turn to that Minny/Denver game

Our front court looks like twigs in front giant trees

Just need a 20-0 run to take the lead... easy peezy

End this season

Well, the NBA gods gave us another F U today with this loss and the Cavs tanking today. Once the curse of this deal is lifted, we'll be in good shape

1 and 15 in the division. Swept by Celtics for 2nd straight year…damn there has to be better days ahead.

See you guys in Round 1!

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