Marcus Smart upgraded to "questionable" - for Game Five!

Sure, he's no Larry Bird - but the Boston Celtics aren't run by the Evil Emperor, either (for those of you missing the reference, click here). 

The team recently released its official injury report today, with one listing in particular raising some collective eyebrows around the league.

That name, of course, would be Marcus Smart, recently upgraded from "OUT" to "QUESTIONABLE". Of course, this doesn't at all mean he's going to suit up tomorrow, but it's not out of the question, either.

Smart is seeing a doctor to determine whether he'll be cleared to play on Thursday, but given the morning appointment and evening game, has caused more than a few to wonder aloud if he might not be able to play tomorrow if given the green light.

Given the recent news about his mother having cancer and wanting to see him play this postseason, I certainly wouldn't count him out - but here's to hoping that his presence can be missed if needed with the home court behind a refocused, re-energized Celtics squad.
Game Five will be in Boston at 7pm. Get great seats for less here.  

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Image: Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE
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