Gordon Hayward with playoff mustache - or a long, long, long, long way away

I went with the quadruple-adjective to simply add to Brad Stevens triple-long description of the time remaining before Gordon Hayward's return. Brad's three longs would most likely indicate a return early next season. My extended description puts him back on the court sometime around the time Al Horford retires.

My readers know I am not totally buying what Stevens and Danny Ainge are supplying us. Although the best chance by far is that we won't see Gordon until next season, the fact that he is training with a running coach in Indiana and not courtside for the Celtics playoff run is an indicator to me that his fast-track rehab indicates a slight chance of return late in the post-season if Boston gets there.

If you listen to the Danny Ainge interview via Justin Quinn's CelticsLife article Danny skirts the tough questions about Hayward's return like he's dancing around a cobra. Go into Justin's article and listen to the interview. I did. If Danny was hitched to a lie detector the needle would be pulsating like a seismograph during an earthquake.

I found Chris Forsberg's "playoff mustache" bit amusing. And Gordon looks good with it. In the bottom tweet you will notice only a double-long description by Brad. But trust me, there are also plenty of triples out there.

Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are probably the best GM/Coach pairing in the League and they are simply doing what they are supposed to do. We most likely won't see Gordon back this season, but wouldn't one "long" have sufficed. Two or three of them just make me suspicious. But that is my nature.

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Photo via Charles Krupa/AP