Is Celtics Marcus Smart a shorter version of Dave Cowens?

I have compared Marcus Smart's tough, tenacious play to that of former Celtic, Dave Cowens. At least one of our readers, JJake Spitz, seems to agree.

JJake Spitz •
Oh that Marcus! I have never seen a Celtic play like him before, maybe Cowens? In the 4th, MN could cut the lead to 5 or 6 and they had the Celtics beat on a pick and role play, and Marcus left his man, dove straight out to tip a pass out of bounds, now there were 2 seconds for them to inbound try to get a rushed shot off. That is the intangible, that doesn't show up in stats. Wouldn't you hate to play against him!

The excellent tweet/video below is a must-see couple minutes for any Marcus Smart fan. It puts his game-winning plays on display.

Marcus is a shorter version of Dave Cowens, but like Dave, Smart can handle the bigs and the little guys. Some may call both of them a bit reckless, but they know what they are doing. Granted, Marcus does not yet have Cowens' offensive game, but almost everything else is comparable.

I would have loved to watch these two fiery individuals playing on the same Celtics team. No opponent ever knew what Dave was going to do, and he was feared. Marcus instills the same fear in his opponents, and as JJake Spitz says, "Wouldn't you hate to play against him?"

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Smart photo via Matt Stone/Boston Herald
Cowens photo via and SI
Cowens video via initialdma710