Green Envy: What Kings fans said, 3/25

As you all know by now, the Boston Celtics are a depleted group, with an injury report stronger than most teams' starting lineups.

Tonight, the Boston Celtics traveled to the capital of California -- although Shaq still contends that Los Angeles is the actual capital -- to face off against the Sacramento Kings.

Here's the deal. It's the end of the season. The Celtics are limping to the playoffs, but that's not stopping their second, third, and even fourth units from playing some of the most inspired basketball of the season. No Kyrie. No Jaylen. No Smart. No Their. Tatum with a sore back and, of course, no Hayward. Enter the Oklahoma City Thunder with three sure-fire Hall-of-Famers. Enter another win for the Cs, followed by another impressive comeback win in Portland on Friday night.

And now, we play the Kings. Hopefully we don't let up.


Let's go Kings!

Wait, do we even want to win this game?

Wait, do we even have a chance to win this game?

Hold on, there's a game? I'm too busy watching March Madness, trying to figure out who we'll be drafting in June.

The Celtics are missing half their roster, this is a definite...wait, we're the Kings. Nevermind.

Hey, Morris is their leading scorer right now -- and he's out. We got this, right? Right?

6 of the 12 on the Celtics roster are rookies. 6 of our 12 are 50+ years old. This should be interesting.

Jaylen Brown is playing? Great. Of course he picks us to test his stamina.


Celtics haven't won in SacTown in seven years. Looks like that'll change today.

Bad pass = Jayson Tatum steal = Tatum dunk. Great. Great start to the game.

Showing no interest in playing any D. Shhhhocker.

So glad we got Fox instead of Ball. Kid is nice!

(Tatum with another smooth score). But I wish we got Tatum. :(

I wonder who'd win a 1-on-1: Skal vs Scalabrine.

Pretty sure Bogdan is Serbian for "butter" - cuz that dude is smooooooth.

So, we're just gonna let Horford go coast-to-coast on us, huh? Sure, why not.

Fox with the jam! C's have no answer for him. We got this!

We dropped 27 on the best D in the league - end of 1, baby. Let's go!

Is it bad that I'm more excited about the free burger than the outcome of this game?

You can't stop BUDDY, Boston! You can only hope to contain him.

Looks like the Celtics left their defense in Portland. Goodie for us.

We're playing fairly dominant. Still no confidence in coming out with the win. #kingslife

Someone check Tatum's ID. No way he's a rook.

8-0 run for Boston. Our lead is gone. Shhhhhocker again.

I see why they call him "Scary" Terry. Might wanna re-read the scouting report on Rozier.

Celtics on a 16-2 run. Sounds about right.

Hey, look who it is - it's Rozier. Again.

FINAL SCORE: Celtics 104, Kings 93


So, we were off the hook not having to defend Kyrie tonight. Then Rozier III showed up.

Is his last name Rozier III because we've only attempted to stop him three times? Asking for a friend. 

Celtics hadn't won here in seven years. That streak is over now. Yet another shocker.

Man, we suck.

Kings have some nice young talent. Unfortunately so does Boston.

Hey, can I just call myself a NorCal fan and root for the Warriors too?

Oh yeah, we suck again. I mean still.

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