Celtics Daniel Theis recovering from surgery - a lot to like about Theis

The first thing I noticed about our German import, Daniel Theis, was his aggressive and effective rebounding. Snagging the ball with one hand, bringing it down with a slap into the other hand, and making the outlet pass. I hadn't seen that since Dave Cowens in the 1970's.

Then it was his energy. How could anyone miss it? He was always on the move offensively and defensively, and he would fight repeatedly for a rebound, something Bill Russell said was the most exhausting thing he did on the court. And then I was watching him hit shots from distance, and I was convinced we had acquired a solid NBA player. And blocking shots? Yes, he could do that, too.

In the above video, Theis states that "I just want to play with energy - go for rebounds". He certainly has done that - and much more. The second video shows the aggressive rebounding I mentioned, reminiscent of Cowens.

After seeing what Daniel could do on the court, I needed to verify what his contract looked like. Another pleasant surprise! I found he is signed this season for 0.8 million and also for next season at 1.4 million. How can anyone not like everything about this guy?

Daniel had surgery performed on his torn meniscus yesterday, and he will not return this season. I cannot possibly envision this season without him. Nor would I want to. Most dedicated NBA players improve over the off-season, and we just know that Theis will be working hard on doing just that. He knows no other way.

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Photo via Matt Stone/Boston Herald
Top video via NBA Network
Bottom video via Boston Sport