Watch: Is Paul Pierce being petty over IT's tribute video?

Sometimes, being a Boston Celtics fan can result in the echo chamber sometimes referred to as "green-tinted lenses", so it can be a good thing to pick up a national paper or open a non-Celtics specific media site for some feedback on our internal narratives.

The seemingly endless saga of tribute videos for guys who busted their grills (and asses) playing for Boston continues apace despite everyone agreeing that when/if Isaiah Thomas gets his, it will not be on Paul Pierce's jersey retirement night by mutual agreement. The consensus here in Celticslandia is that Pierce deserves his own night, regardless of how we feel about the rest of the equation, over which opinions are seemingly much more divided.
So it might surprise you to hear some folks think it's Paul who's being unreasonable here, but they are out there, and have a platform to share it - so go ahead and watch the videos above to hear their reasoning (and feel free to vent in the comments below).

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Image: SI/Getty Images
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