Greg Monroe buyout or trade - clock ticking for Celtics

It is hard to believe the Sun's Greg Monroe is only 27 years old. It seems like he has been around forever. He is on an expiring deal with Phoenix worth $17,884,176, and they desperately want to trade him. The trade deadline is approaching (February 8), and so far there have been no takers. If a trade does not happen, a buyout seems inevitable.

Monroe has been potentially linked to the Boston Celtics for some time. He is an old-time NBA center, which might not seem to fit Boston's style, but Greg unquestionably has talent that is not being utilized. He has posted eight DNP CD's in the last nine games. The writing is on the wall. He is on the way out.

Here is the dilemma. Other teams will have an interest in Greg's services (see above). I certainly don't see Danny Ainge trading for Monroe but he may consider signing him if a buyout occurs. The problem that presents is that Greg would see floor time with the Celtics, but it would most likely be limited. Understandably, that may not suit him. He hasn't picked up any foot blisters from excessive floor time. Salary may also be an issue. Boston could sign him with the DPE prior to the exception expiring on March 10 or pick him up on the vet minimum should the DPE be used in a separate transaction.

Would he fit within the Celtics system? Coach Brad Stevens is justifiably known for putting players in situations where they can display their talents. Brad makes most players better. As recently as the 2015-16 season with Detroit, Monroe averaged 29.3 MPG, 15.3 PPG, 8.8 RPG and 2.3 APG. He has no three-point shot, but he can hit his free throws reliably at 74% (for that same season). His age (27) fits Boston's timeline, and he may want to come to a contender. A lot of if's, but he should be considered as a possible addition to the Celtics. The clock is ticking.

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