Video: Wyc tears into Felger for Brad Stevens comments

We all know Mike Felger talks a lot of nonsense when it comes to basketball.

You take it with a grain of salt, because you know he's operating outside his comfort zone - and because he's also often trying to provoke. But sometimes, he says some really dumb stuff, like when he said Danny Ainge should throw the coach into a deal to secure Anthony Davis, and this time someone put him in his place from an unassailable vantage point: ownership.

Nobody save maybe Danny knows more about what makes the Boston Celtics tick than Wyc Grousbeck, so, if you're like me and can't stand Felger's scorching hot take-yness, a little schadenfreude at watching the man get shut down is pretty sweet, and available for your viewing pleasure in the video above.

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Image, video: NBC Boston
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