Green Envy: What Rockets fans said 12/28

So, that happened.

The Celtics overcame a mighty 26-point deficit to beat James Harden’s Houston Rockets in dramatic fashion last night and showed some of the steadfast determination needed from realistic title contenders. After a sub-par first half, Brad Stevens’ team approached the second with a focus on smothering defense and physicality that disrupted Houston’s elite offensive play. On offense, Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier dug deep to find a route back into the game.

When it mattered most, Marcus Smart was extremely Marcus Smart-ish. He made himself at home in the frustrated head of Harden, who was agitated enough to take Smart’s bait and commit two offensive fouls within the final eight seconds of the game. Al Horford made an impressive clutch basket to take the lead, yet the game will always belong to Smart, who may have just put forward his best pitch for when contract negotiations begin in the summer.

Now, let’s shamelessly revel in the dismay of last night’s opponents, as we cherry-pick our favorite comments from the dark corners of the Rockets’ internet-proficient fanbase:

Top Three

Honestly, if they bring this back, I’m burning all Houston Rockets merchandise I’ve ever purchased and shitting on the flames.

Tony Brothers, Marcus Smart and especially James Harden have worked well as a team tonight. Real chemistry.

One of the bleakest losses I’ve ever witnessed live. I’m actually weirdly impressed that we managed to give that away…

Early optimism

No reason why we can't win this game, if they stop sucking on defense this should be a W. Contenders find ways to win even with key guys out.

We win tonight, feel good about it. Rockets by 11.

Celtics are a bit overrated. They have great coaching but I think they are lacking a bit in talent.

only good thing about the injuries is we got to see Harden unleashed. It´s going to be close, as most of the games where we are underhanded. But if some of the guys chip in some shots i think we can make a good road trip.

I am feelin pretty damn good on this one. Win by 19.

Beard is gonna have smart draped on him all game....we need others to step up, if we get 4 double digit scorers other then the beard we win.

MVP, MVP, MV….oh..

Uh oh. Harden is playing weird. It looks like he is sabotaging the game.. if he is hurt he needs to tell someone.

Harden turnover. Copy and paste that. That’s like every possession in the 3rd quarter. Lol.

This is why people question Harden's leadership... this bs

Harden shitting the bed. What's wrong with this guy?

This is all on James what a mentally weak player. Needs to sit the rest of the game.

How Harden can go from GOAT mode to G League bench warmer mode so easily still puzzles me...

Has Harden given up?

mentally weak team. mentally weak superstar.

Harden is a MENTAL midget

The unofficial Marcus Smart fanclub

Marcus Smart is the worst serial flopper and the league office does nothing about it NOT EVEN A FINE. FFS.

What?! Marcus Smart is a bum, the refs are bums, Boston is a bum city. I’m so mad, I literally don’t know what to do with my body.


Smart cheats, he cheats all the time, I hate this guy. How can you proudly celebrate this, if you’re Smart?

Absolutely disgusting from Smart. I FEEL SICK.

Best of the Rest

Celtics player intro with drones and black/green background looks pretty lit compare to ours.

Looking good since signing Gerald Greene. He might've been the key.

Gerald Green has reinvigorated this team!

Celtics with another typical sluggish start. Problem is the Rockets are not good playing with a lead. Didn't realize Jaylen Brown was out. Rockets have a very good chance if they stay focused.

That guy with the mask looked so scared when he was isolated on Harden, lol

tariq black got those kwame brown stone hands

Celtics remind of last year’s thunder team. A star player that’s won’t pass and sucky teammates.

yay we're getting one of those shitty marcus smart games. i feared he'd have a career night against the rockets.

damn kyrie is good.

Celtics chipping away. Rockets should be aware of the moment.

holy **** stop turning over the ball you ****s

The Celtics like to hack you

Celtics getting those Patriots calls.

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