The end of Woj bombs?

ESPN has been a dominant provider of game broadcasts, commentary, breaking news, and all things sports since it's founding in 1979, but the media conglomerate has recently put forth a set of new guidelines centered around their employees' use of social media and what they can and cannot say on-air.

The new rules include a bizarre clause that may very well limit resources for basketball-related news. This includes the Woj-bomber himself, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Wojnarowski uses Twitter as his primary platform for releasing information from his many sources, so this could be an unfortunate blow to one of the most talented reporters in the business. Celtics fans are all-too familiar with the "Woj-bomb," as Wojnarowski has been the first to report many of Boston's biggest moves over the past few years, including this bombshell from 2015 that marked a turning-point in the timeline of Celtics basketball.

Nevertheless, Wojnarowski has remained active on Twitter as of late, so it remains to be seen just how ESPN's new guidelines will affect the star journalist, who just recently began his tenure with the network in July.

Photo credit: Anne-Marie Caruso,
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