Terrific ovation for Avery Bradley from Boston fans - why is he gone?

The ovation for Avery Bradley from the Boston fans last night was totally expected. He is loved here. A devoted defender, proficient scorer and loyal citizen of the Celtics community who will always be missed.

I believe we are well aware that Avery was traded after last season to allow for the signing of Gordon Hayward. It was, in part, a financial decision. Here is the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn on his reasoning for the Bradley trade:

The only reason the Celtics moved Bradley was to create salary-cap space to sign Gordon Hayward. The Celtics re-signed Bradley several years ago on the cheap, his $8 million-per-season salary considered chump change compared with salaries of less-accomplished players.

When Bradley becomes a free agent this coming summer — and he will — he wants to be rewarded for his efforts the past seven years. And when he returned Monday to TD Garden with Detroit, both sides realized the lone reason he was a Piston was money.

Bradley, 27, didn’t want to leave and Ainge didn’t want to trade him. But with Hayward set to make $30 million and the Celtics scuffling to create that salary slot, Bradley was the best choice. They traded his $8.8 million for the $5 million from Marcus Morris and that made the difference.

Creating cap space was not the only reason for the trade. Did anyone notice that our 6'3"/6'7" backcourt (Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown) is the same size as that of the Golden State warriors. The 5'9"/6'2" (Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley) duo wasn't going to win a championship. Both players are gone. Ainge is attempting to assemble a lineup of versatile, mobile players between 6'4" and 6'10" that can defend and score the ball.

Our dilemma as Celtics fans is that we can't have it both ways. We want more championships and we want to retain the players we like and respect. Sometimes that doesn't work. Avery Bradley is a case in point. Doesn't make it any easier.

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Photo via Matt West/Boston Herald