Celtics #1 in NBA, ESPN Power Rankings, Warriors-Cs most likely finals

People are starting to notice the Boston Celtics aren't just a fluke.
The NBA's weekly power rankings have placed the Celtics atop their list, as has ESPN. Beating the defending champions on your way to a 15-game winning streak will do that for you, or it damn well ought to, so kudos to the national analysts for taking note, and not just chalking it up as [insert team here] having a bad [insert thing team in question does well here] night.
In fact, the unexpected excellence that's been rolling in as regularly as the tide ever since two games after an event I'm not even going to mention anymore went down has turned heads so hard, the folks over at ESPN now believe the team is the most likely to end up in the NBA Finals, and playing the Golden State Warriors in said hypothetical series, so it seems Steph wasn't blowing any more smoke up our posteriors than he was sinking contested shots Thursday night.
Yes, it's early. Yes, [insert good team here] might "flip a switch", or whatever you want to call actually caring about games. But right now, things are so bright for the Celts we should all take a moment to bask in the warmth that radiates off a team so hot it might as well be its own sun. Just don't tell Kyrie, or he might just try to explain to you how the league is, in fact, orbiting Boston.

Hell, he might even be right.

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Image: Sports Illustrated
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