CLPod 039: Getting a feel for the Celtics in a league-wide weird start

There's never been a start like this to an NBA season before.
From Gordon Hayward's brutal injury just minutes into the start of the 2017-18 NBA season up to today, the whole league has been throwing curve balls before making it two full weeks into the regular season. Hayward's misfortune was followed by a rash of injuries around the league, and the presumptive NBA Finals opponents currently have a .500 record between them seven games in, leaving people wondering if the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors matchup is as inevitable as it felt way, way back in September. 

Meanwhile, the Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies sit atop their respective conferences despite predictions both would be well-served with a major teardown, and the Boston Celtics are somehow a top-five defensive team with one of the best records in the NBA. Join Luís Gonzalez and Topher Lane as they try to make sense of all the strange things going down in the league, and what the Celts might do going forward.

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