Aron Baynes hurts his knee, Marcus Smart finds his stroke

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Aron Baynes has been looking like a steal in preseason, when he had to go and sprain his knee in last night's preseason tilt with the Philadelphia 76ers. What a jerk! Seriously, though, it's (mercifully) looking like a minor sprain - we'll likely find out more as it's evaluated over the next day or so. Cross your fingers, because this team is already thin in the frontcourt.

I suppose someone had to go and take the "trying too hard in games that don't count and hurt myself" mantle from "skinny" Marcus (as opposed to "we were shellacking them so bad I didn't even get to play" Marcus), who had himself another night from beyond the arc - he's connecting 58% of the time on 12 attempts so far this season, and shot 66% last night. A small sample size it may be, the early results are wildly beyond any reasonable expectations of over-the-summer-improvement.

Let's hope the stroke sticks around, and the knee soreness doesn´t - feel better, Aron!

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Image: Jim Davis / The Boston Globe
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