Video: Paul Pierce thinks Kyrie Irving's trade request being public 'best thing' for him

Perhaps it's a bit ironic coming from someone who is famously rumored to have made a not-so-public trade request before the assembling of the so-called "Big Three" era of the Boston Celtics, but Paul Pierce thinks Kyrie Irving's trade request becoming public knowledge was ultimately in his best interest.

I have to say I agree, though it seems to me the tendency for everyone but Paul to try and blame LeBron James for his decampment seems to be missing the point I am getting from what Irving is - and more importantly, is not - saying.

There's several points in the interview being discussed in the video above where what Kyrie is saying about the situation that could make every bit as much sense about the Cleveland Cavaliers as an organization and the corner they'd painted themselves into as it could LeBron. While James' pending free agency has to be some part of the animus, I can't help but wonder if Kyrie is just fed up with Dan Gilbert's organization, and after seeing how the trade went down to get him could you not be?

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Image: Yoon S. Byun/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Video: ESPN
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