Shane Larkin represents the Celtics at Nike uniform event

We may have gotten a sneak peek at all of the new Nike "statement" alternate uniforms, but the NBA and Nike teamed up to formally unveil the new swag that will be available in teams' closets this season. They called it the #NIKExNBA Launch Event, and it got me even more hyped up to get this new season underway in a month.

Check out one of Boston's new point guards, Shane Larkin, rocking the fresh threads:

First thing I have to address here are the jerseys themselves. I am personally loving these new statement uniforms. While some look the same as usual (looking at you, San Antonio), and others are "doing too much" (looking at you, Minnesota), most are a refreshing mix-up with cool color schemes and designs.

The Celtics' black unis are pretty sweet. The thick green bordering really sticks out and makes the jersey look sleek. However, I feel like the General Electric advertisement patch sticks out even more than usual on these uniforms, so I'm not so thrilled about that. Overall, I'm liking them though. What do you think?

Also, it's kind of surprising that it was Larkin reppin' the Celtics at this thing, right? The dude was standing on the same stage as guys like Kevin Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Blake Griffin for crying out loud. That must've been a pretty big event for him:

I guess none of the more skilled Celtics players could attend...well, either that or they didn't want to strut onto a stage to be showcased in front of the media as almost mannequin-like models. Or, perhaps they simply didn't want to wear these ugly new warm-up hoodies?

Surely you all agree with me that these don't look good, yes? At least not when the hoodie is up like that. Very few players would be able to rock that outside of Melo.

Lastly, I hope we are all in agreement that the Thunder by far have the best statement uniforms in the group. Those are some fire unis. I also really like Brooklyn's sleek black threads. What are your thoughts? Let me hear on Twitter and in the comments.

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Photo via @nikebasketball