Media Day and training camp start next week!

Boston Celtics' basketball is getting nearer and nearer! In just four days; I repeat: four days, the Cs and their roster of newbies will head to Canton, MA for a fun-filled day of mostly standing around, waiting for their pictures to be taken at Media Day. Media Day has always reminded me of the before-prom photo shoot, where you're largely just shooting the shit with some friends, feeling fresh in your crisp, new outfits. But eventually the photographers make you do awkward, embarrassing things. For the players, it's things like screaming into the camera for the pre-game Jumbotron pump-up videos. For high schoolers it's things like, awkwardly putting your arm around a girl, in front of your parents.

After their picture sessions, the players and coaches move on to conducting some interviews with the media, where they're interrogated for a whopping twelve minutes in front of rolling cameras.

Then the next day, on Tuesday, training camp will start at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, where they'll stay for three days of practice. The Cs haven't travelled to camp for the past three seasons, instead staying at their usual practice facility in Waltham, MA, and many are speculating that this change is a tactic to get players to bond before the season begins. And what better place to hang out with the boys than the affluent, sloppy beach town of Newport. That place is heck of a time, every time. This roster will be tight like a tiger in no time. Intelligent move by the Cs' front office.

Before I go, I'll just leave these past Media Day gems, here.

And my personal favorite: We are Young and Smart. I need that shirt. 

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