Former Celtic Jason Terry is still flying in Milwaukee

Jason "The Jet" Terry is still balling as he heads into his forties. He signed a deal with the Bucks last week on his 40th birthday that extends his stay in Milwaukee for yet another season as the senior member of the young, up-and-coming team from the Badger State:

Although Terry's stay in Boston was brief, he was certainly a fan-favorite during his lone season here and he was a piece in the infamous trade with the Brooklyn Nets, along with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, that helped vault the C's back to the top of the Eastern Conference so swiftly.

Much like many players in the twilight of their career The Jet has assumed a supporting role among the Bucks, but unlike many other senior NBA players he's been more than just a locker room presence in Milwaukee. Just last season, his only in Milwaukee, Terry played in 72 contests averaging 18.2 minutes per game. While the 4.1 ppg he tallied are a far cry from the 13.8 he's averaged over his 18-year career his efficiency did not falter. Terry notched a career-best 58.2 eFG% (effective field goal percentage) and shot 42.7% from three, which marks his 2nd best season shooting from the outside in his entire career and would've been good for 6th in the NBA last season but he fell just 9 shots short of qualifying for league leading designation.

Perhaps Terry's biggest asset to the Bucks is his leadership and championship pedigree, as he won a title with the Mavericks in 2011 and he's played on a lot of really good teams in his 18 years, particularly in Dallas alongside Dirk Nowitzki. However, The Jet is still flying, maybe not quite as high as he used to, but he's still getting off the ground at the ripe age of 40 and contributing beyond just his sage presence.

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