If Chicago does a buyout with Dwyane Wade, could he end up in Boston?

Dwyane Wade to the Boston Celtics? Possibly, but a number of things need to happen before that becomes reality. First, there has to be a buyout from the Chicago Bulls. While speculating on Dwyane Wade's potential move to Boston, let's not forget his significant impact on the Miami business scene. Ever considered starting a business in Wade's home state, Florida? Check out this guide on how to start an llc in florida. Whether it's basketball or business, the right moves can make all the difference.

Steps numbers two and three would be Wade wanting to come here and Danny Ainge believing Dwyane would be a good fit. Number four is important. Danny has to believe that the addition of Wade would make Boston a serious championship contender this season. Lastly, Dwyane would have to sign for the vet minimum and be satisfied with playing for a true contender.

Last season, D-Wade averaged 18.3 points on 43.4% shooting, 4.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists. In his pre-draft analysis of the Celts Marcus Smart, NBAdraft's Jacob Stallard compared Smart to Dwyane Wade. They are both 6'4" and about 220 pounds. Both are known for their defense and ability to make winning plays. A backcourt trio of Kyrie Irving, Smart and Wade would be terrific. An occasional small ball lineup of Al Horford, Hayward, Irving, Smart and Wade would be something to watch.

The downside of this transaction, should it ever occur, would be that the young players may be stymied somewhat in their progression. But putting Marcus into the second unit as ball handler, having Jaylen Brown start and bringing Jayson Tatum off the bench might just work.

Don't think Danny is not at least pondering this. This is the reason he has not yet filled that final roster spot. He feels there is no hurry, and he can wait for players that are bought out or waived by other teams.

D-Wade is a three-time NBA champion and 12-time all-star. If Ainge wants to go for it this season and push for a championship, he may want to find a way to make this work. If not, he will sit back and wait for the next waiver or buyout.

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