Terry Rozier laughs off trade rumors

Kind of tells it all, doesn't it? Four Celtics players remain from the 2017 Eastern Conference finals team. Terry Rozier is laughing off the possibility (probability?) of being traded, and there are only four Celts remaining from that team. Danny Ainge will not rest until his team wins another championship.

Trust me on this. The guy that traded Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley will not hesitate to move a backup that has only been with the team for two seasons. Don't be fooled by Ainge being unwilling to include Rozier in a trade for Serge Ibaka (per LarryBrownSports' Darryn Albert):

"...the Celtics had discussions with the Orlando Magic about a possible Serge Ibaka trade but were unwilling to give up the second-year guard Rozier."

Danny will move any player if it means a better shot at the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Ainge and Brad Stevens appear to be assembling a team of versatile players in the 6'4" to 6'10" range. If a player falls out of that height range, he better be damn good. If he lacks versatility, he better be extremely good at the few things he does well.

Terry is a high-energy guy who also is a very good, athletic defender. But he is 6'2" and doesn't exactly excel as a ball handler. Not a solid ball handler and not big enough to be a wing. Sounds a bit like Avery Bradley, doesn't he? And Avery was loved, nurtured, lasted seven years with the Celts and then got traded. Isaiah did everything asked of him as a Celtic, went through a terrible time and still got traded. Not good signs for Rozier.

Trader Danny became known as Asset Hoarder Danny, and most of us were wondering when he was going to disperse some assets in an advantageous trade. That recently happened and will happen again. I see Terry as a solid NBA player and an asset. He is a youngster that hustles and plays solid defense. It is only a matter of time until he is packaged with other assets in a trade that Danny views as making the team better. I don't expect compassion to play a role in the transaction.

Photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images