Paul Pierce poses in Instagram picture with Ray Allen, appeals to Rondo & KG to "bury the hatchet"

Nothing brings people together like... penguins. Paul Pierce who recently retired as a Celtic, just posted this pic to Instagram today, acting as somewhat of a Celtics ambassador. There has been some bad blood between the 2008 Celtics and Ray Allen, since he left to join the rival Heat. In a reunion (minus Ray) the team talked about this on KG's Area 21 back in May.

Ray was most recently in the news when he blasted the loyalty double standard after the Isaiah Thomas trade. That came on the heels of Allen getting into it with Celtics fans on Instagram himself. Ray is a sensitive dude, but he shouldn't be treated as a pariah. Yes signing with your rival at the time isn't a good look, but he had that prerogative being a free agent. Ray should also know that he can't have it all. If he wanted to be forever loved in Boston, basically he just had to avoid signing with the Heat or Lakers at that time. That's it.

Not 100% sure why the guys hold so much resentment to Ray, but I think it goes back to the whole Ray/Rondo riff. And whenever negative stuff got out to the media about Rondo from an anonymous source, it always seemed to at least these eyes that Ray was the source (Fellow UCONN alum Donny Marshall often had these scoops). KG and Rondo were/are tight, so KG is going to have Rajon's back.  Perk does as well. I don't pay attention to what Big Baby says. He just wants attention. Paul Pierce was always the most likely guy to try and bring peace and it looks like he's doing just that. Once again The Truth comes through in the end.

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