ESPN ranks Celtics second-best title contender

ESPN's Basketball Power Index recently came out with odds for each team winning a ring in 2018. The Boston Celtics ranked second overall, with a 12% chance at victory, being only out-ranked by the obvious front runners: the dastardly Golden State Warriors.

What is the Basketball Power Index, you ask? Well, it's basically projections made by a bunch of nerds at ESPN who use trigonometry and other boring math concepts to come up with these approximations. They use a formula to measure each team's offensive and defensive levels, and consider a ton of factors when creating these estimates. To name a few: strength of opponent, points per possession, game location, days of rest, etc.

Following the Cs and the cocksure Warriors in these rankings are: the Houston Rockets with a 7.4% chance at gold, and the San Antonio Spurs with a 6.5% chance, who are closely followed by Isaiah Thomas' new team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have a 6.4% chance to win it all.

Wait, Odie, are you saying that the Celtics have a better chance at raising a banner than the Rockets and Spurs!? Yes, I am saying that, but that's only because the Celts are in the Eastern Conference, and will have a much easier time making the finals than either of those Western Conference teams will, because they have to go through the Warriors, and we don't. This same idea is reflected in Vegas' championship odds, who have the Cavs (4/1) and Cs (8/1) both projected higher than either of those Texan teams.

Oh, and get this: the Warriors have a 58% chance of winning the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Fifty-eight percent!!! Something is definitely wrong in this league if a team has that great of a chance at winning. It takes a huge amount of fun out of rooting for your team. Why should fans pay money to go see their teams' play, when they know that they have no chance of actually competing when the playoffs come around? We're some of the lucky few who have a team that might be able to win a game or two against the Warriors, and even still, it's pathetic that we're hoping that we can do just that: win a game.

God, I hate the Warriors and that troll-ass Kevin Durant.

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