Old-school ballers (including several Cs) with new-school hair?

How would Brian Scalabrine look playing in today's NBA? How about Larry Bird?

I am not talking about their games, mind you - this is a much more superficial analysis. I'm talking about their hair. Someone got the idea to throw contemporary hairstyles on some old-school ballers, and several Celtics were among them.

Here we have the White Mamba, looking like Gordon Hayward or Jonas Jerebko's long-lost twin (at least from the eyebrows up), sharing tweetspace with former Connecticut standout Rip Hamilton, and a nearly unrecognizable Manu Ginobli (mostly because there's hair, I think).

Another pair of teammates from a later incarnation of the Kevin Garnett-era Celts who each have their own subsection of the fanbase who hate them would have had even more reasons based on these hairdos - Jesus has his crown of thorns, evidently, and it's looking like Shaq's forehead is in a competition with his foot on what he can make look funkier.

Speaking of the Big Ticket, let's just say I am not a fan of this 'do, not one bit. It pains me to say it, but Kobe Crabbe's - er, Bryant's, is actually one of the best re-imaginings in the series so far. KG, however, looks like he's got the toupee version of a Craig Sager (R.I.P.) suit on.

Of course, we can't leave out the Truth if we're talking KG, and Truth be told, Paul Pierce's new 'do isn't that bad, either. Reggie Miller is looking pretty dope with the Jaylen Brown hightop, but Dwyane Wade can take that haircut to South Beach for all I care.

Of course, no list like this would be complete without Larry Legend, whose new hair really rubbed me the wrong way at first glance. But after thinking on it for a sec, I think it's probably apropos for the "hick from French Lick" to be rocking if he were just coming out of college today. Very Aron Baynes-ish, though that's about the limit of the similarities - beyond the uniform, anyhow.

All said, this was a nice surprise from graphic designer Tyson Beck to keep us basketball addicts happy in the depths of the offseason, even if several of the haircuts made me wince. That's probably just my age showing, and likely the idea behind at least some of these 'dos. I hope it brought a smile - or a sneer, as the case may be - to your faces, too.

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Images: Tyson Beck
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