Calling out Cs fans for burning IT's jersey

Here at CelticsLife, we've long been against the stupidity of burning a player's jersey when they end up on another team.

With some Boston Celtics fans lining up to compete with the dregs of other fanbases in this most moronic of displays, these Celtics "fans" (I use scare quotes because these twits should really find some other team to root for) have taken the act to a new level by burning Isaiah Thomas' jersey.

The folks over at SportsNation decided to call them out for it, and I have to say I couldn't possibly agree more. It takes a special kind of stupid to miss the fact that Thomas bled a deeper green than all but a few legends in his short time with the club, so believe me when I say they are not worthy of such a team or player in the first place.

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Image: Twitter/kylegordon28
Video: ESPN
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