Brian Scalabrine and Michael Rapaport are at it again

Brian Scalabrine and Michael Rapaport, took to the court to show fans how to score. More specifically, how to score if you're slow:

Rapaport, known for his acting and comedy work, has shown his basketball prowess in past NBA Celebrity Games during All-Star Weekend. Scalabrine, as we know, was merely a bench player for the 2007-2008 champion, Boston Celtics. A fan favorite in Boston, Brian is now an analyst for the team. These two men have become friends over the years, as Michael is a huge fan of the NBA.

Scalabrine and Rapaport are both known for their big personalties, but perhaps most of all for how much the two men resemble each other. While Michael loves to rib Brian for how much they look alike, Scalabrine would like everyone to know one thing:

Obviously, the back and forth is all in good fun. Whenever these guys are in the same room it is electric. With the BIG3 season in full swing, it looks like we may get even more interaction between the two doppelgangers. If FS1 was smart, they would continue to make tutorial videos with these two "hoopers." Scalabrine may have been an average NBA basketball player, but he has made a career in front of the camera, and we want more of it.

What do you guys think of the Scalabrine and Rapaport dynamic? Have you gotten a chance to watch the BIG3 League? Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images