During Saturday's ProCamps Isaiah Thomas had a special suprise guest

This past Saturday, August 5th, Isaiah Thomas hosted his ProCamps at Boston University. During camp, Thomas was surprised with a pair of autographed Jordan shoes from fellow Boston sports star, Red Sox right fielder, Mookie Betts. Betts stopped by for a visit to show support for Isaiah and ended up sticking around for a bit, even putting some shots up. One thing we learned from this is Mookie should defiantly stick to baseball, another thing we learned is that Boston professional athletes from all sports continue to show support for one another. We hope all the winning spirt in Boston can rub off on each other, as just this Monday, August 7th, Isaiah Thomas visits Patriots-Jaguars joint practice.

Isaiah held ProCamps both Saturday and Sunday spending time working with all the kids who attended. Addressing each group of kids first and then working on a variety of skills from dribbling to shooting and even defense. During one-on-ones Thomas didn't make anything easy for anyone, firing corner three-pointers with ease, and not one sign of any hip problems. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Isaiah Thomas is ready to go.

During ProCamps while speaking to each group, Isaiah even spent some time letting everyone there know that he's feeling good and that he's going to get that max contract he deserves. We are talking about the last pick in the NBA Draft, turned all-star starting point guard and MVP candidate, so I wouldn't bet against Thomas on this.

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Chris Montgomery - LI Image