Woj: Celtics weren't willing to deal for George prior to signing Hayward

The Pacers got fleeced by the Thunder last night for Paul George getting Victor Oladipo and Domantis Sabonis in exchange for the 4-time all star. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN the Pacers were asking for quite a bigger haul from Boston:

Although he didn't note whether Danny Ainge was considering that deal or not, Woj did mention that the Celtics were not willing to make any move for George until after they signed, or at least attempted to sign, Gordon Hayward. That deal sounds about what a lot of people figured the price would be for George, and perhaps something Ainge would've considered should he have been able to get George to agree to an extension but certainly not on a 1-year rental.

It seems very short sighted by Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard to make the deal he made last night when he could've just waited a couple a days to see how the situation in Boston developed, and beyond that it's been widely reported that the Denver Nuggets also had a significant deal on the table that may have included point guard Emmanuel Mudiay.

Instead Pritchard panicked and made a deal for two mediocre players and no draft picks. This coming just a week after Pritchard said:

“We’re not gonna take any bad deals,”

Kevin, the results are in:

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