With Ibaka & Gibson off the board, free agency options dwindling

Taj Gibson has reportedly joined his former coach Tom Thibodeau on the Minnesota Timberwolves today, just moments after news broke Serge Ibaka would be returning to the Toronto Raptors.

While neither of these two players were by any means high - or even on - the Boston Celtics' wish list for potential free agents, they each represented a potential option for bolstering a still-thin frontcourt - even after the signings of Daniel Theis and rookie Ante Zizic - deepened by the expected departure of Amir Johnson to the Philadelphia 76ers yesterday.

The recruitment of Gordon Hayward seems to (and should be) the chief priority for the team, though other options (Danilo Gallineri, Paul Millsap, and JaMychal Green, among others) have been connected to the club, either through NBA sources or analysts spitballing potential sleeper candidates should the Celts' obvious choice not pan out. For now, the focus is bringing on the former Butler player in the hopes of delivering on long-promised fireworks, but in the meantime, plenty of other potential options are going ahead with plans to join competing organizations.

Fingers crossed.

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Photo via Frank Gunn/AP
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